Kids Eyeglasses and Frames

Choosing The Right Eyeglass Frames For Children

1 out of 5 children need to wear glasses to see clearly. As necessary as glasses are, though, some kids find it really difficult to wear them because they may look lame or they are too fragile considering how active kids can be. At our Chalmette optometrist, though, we carry plenty of stylish, durable, and comfortable eyeglasses frames for children. Not only do these frames look great, but kids can see better, feel better, and play better.

The Proper Fit

Proper fitting glasses are important for everyone, but we need to pay extra attention to how childrens’ glasses fit because their faces are much smaller. The middle of the glasses must align perfectly with the middle of the pupils, so glasses that are even the slightest bit too small or too large will prevent your child from seeing clearly in all directions. Because of this, we insist that parents don’t try to buy bigger glasses that their child can eventually grow into, as this does more harm than good. The good news, though, is that the opticians at our Chalmette optical can help your child find the perfect fit so they can live comfortably and experience more clarity.

The way your child’s prescription eyeglasses fit on the bridge of their nose is an important factor that impacts how often they wear their glasses. To ensure your child wears their glasses as directed, it’s important for us to make sure they fit nicely on the nose. If the glasses sit on the pressure points, this will make your child very uncomfortable. Our Chalmette opticians ensure the glasses sit where they’re supposed to, but in order to provide extra comfort we also offer gel padding. This takes even more pressure off the nose. It’s also important to take a look at how the frames fit around the temples. There shouldn’t be any pressure on the temples, but they shouldn't be too loose, either. For children, a flexible frame is ideal, so we recommend frames made of titanium because it is light, strong, and allows for movement. Lenses should also be sturdy, so we recommend polycarbonate lenses, which are more damage-resistant than other lenses.

Include Your Child In The Selection Process

Although a proper fit is important, it is even more important that you let your child help pick what eyeglasses frames to get. If your child likes how the frames look, they will be all the more confident when wearing them and will be more likely to wear them as our Chalmette eye doctor recommends. With the right pair of glasses, your child will see with clarity, play with clarity, and succeed with clarity.